You’re right that attitude is everything. I think the reason I started writing the types of books I do is that I couldn’t find the right attitude in other books out there. The authors who came closest are Susan Andersen and Diane Mott Davidson (with a bit of Jayne Ann Krentz in there, too). When the whole Chick Lit thing started, I read a few, but it was like they were writing in code (I don’t know shoe designers, hair stylists, or anything else that’s current and hip). I tried historicals (enjoyable, but still not quite my thing), books with spunky heroines (but like you said, there’s always that TSTL {Too Stupid To Live} moment), and I tried various other Big Romance Writers.

I just didn’t get it. Some of them were fun and enjoyable, but none really resonated with me. I hate cliches, but sometimes they’re just so RIGHT. I didn’t relate to the heroes or their situations. And when the whole baby thing came into play … Sorry, but I didn’t inherit the maternal gene. I’m an excellent aunt, but I’d be a lousy mom (which is why I’m not one). 

Hmm. When I realized that, then I realized that I liked mysteries (Davidson) and untraditional heroes and heroines. The next step was sort of easy. Experts always say “Write what you know” and I know the Midwest and high tech and …

Here we are today. Four books out or coming, eight or nine more written and ready to go, and countless plot ideas in my head, simmering and waiting to get out. I’m having a great time juggling it all — work, home, writing — and I’m going to keep doing it until I run out of ideas or until it isn’t fun any more. I don’t see that happening any time soon, though, so you’ll be getting more of my brand of character for a while.

Thanks so much for having me here this week, I’ve really enjoyed it. If folks want to see some excerpts, please go to my web site ( I’ve got excerpts there as well as links to my past newsletters, in which I talk about my journey to publication (and what I’m finding out about the publishing world now).

And thanks to those who’ve joined my newsgroup because of my blogging. You’ll be seeing my newsletter in a week or so with updates on that big-ass tree that crushed my garden and our efforts to remove it (there’s a novel in there, I know.) How about a body is found under the tree in the heroine’s back yard? And the hero is her ex-husband, who secretly has regretted their divorce and wants her back.

Hmm. That has potential. I’d better jot that idea down before it flees.

Thanks, Claudine — it’s been a pleasure!


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