The first book of this series was Borders bestselling debut Romance of 2005 and the others have been featured and USA Today’s bestseller’s list. The combination of vampires, romance, and humor is hard to beat. She lives in the Greater Houston area with her husband and children. I have been a longtime fan of this author’s work, her sense of humor is as irresistible as her vampires, and her website lists CTRR as one of her favorite review sites so she has good taste also.

This book is absolutely hilarious at times, especially in regards to Ian’s adventure in online dating. The women he attracts are both aggressive and bizarre, and that only includes the human ones, the vampires are in another league. Vanda’s club, The Horny Devils, is truly unique, complete with vampire strippers and former harem members working the bar. There is more to this story than a vampire’s adventures in dating. Sabrina’s plight and Toni’s efforts to free her have some hair raising moments, as do the frequent attacks by the Malcontents in their effort to get the Stay Awake formula. The characters are vividly written and one particular little boy will steal your heart as well as each and every scene he is in.

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