Even the title sounds naughty doesn’t it? Well, I can honestly say that when I first bought Emma Holly’s All U Can Eat I wasn’t expecting erotica. You see up to that point, I was a strictly romance genre with no kinky stuff. And I did not know this was erotica. I know the title alone is spicy but hey I can blame my blond roots on that can’t I? Anyway, so here I was in my little own world and within the first four pages there was nasty, raunchy sex. M/F yes but later in the book there was a m/m scene as well as a f/m/m scene. From then on out I was hooked. Since then I have gone on to buy many more of her novels, most of which has some red-hot, spicy, sensual sex scenes. I will never forget my first taste of erotica, especially when it was oozing with these sexy men who were so into each other. My oh my!!!


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