The Alpha & Omega series is a spin-off so to speak of the Mercy Thompson series. This series written in an earlier time than the Mercy books and it’s about Charles Cornick, whom we briefly met in Moon Called (see the other blog post about this book) and his mate Anna. The series started out as a short story titled Alpha and Omega in the On the Prowl anthology where Charles is asked to go to Chicago to find out what’s happening there after his father, the Marrok, gets an unusual phone call. There he meets Anna and with her help finds out the truth about what is really happening in Chicago. The first full length book is Cry Wolf and the story takes place after the events in Alpha and Omega. There is enough bacground added in the beginning of the book that you will be able to understand the interactions between Charles and Anna, but it is recommended to read the original story in On the Prowl to truly get the full understanding. In this book Anna is getting used to Charles and her newfound rules in a pack. Add to that someone that is trying to cause problems up in the mountains that Charles has to take care of along with convincing Anna that he is her mate and you have one heck of a story. Hunting Ground is a new book in the series that is being released in August. This is about the decision the Marrok is making to out the werewolves to the world and the opposition this decision is getting. From what I’ve read of it so far, this is going to be just as good of a story as the last one.

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