Kate Steele lives with family in rural Indiana in a century-old farm house. Her family includes those of the winged, and four legged variety as well as people. She often takes breaks from the computer to give a couple of sweet lovebirds attention, as well as walk her two dogs.

For years Kate was an avid romance reader, and since she is possessed of an overly active imagination, she finally decided to try her hand at writing. She has found that just as reading is addictive, so too is writing.

Just to tell you how good this book is, I read it all the way through twice in two days! I loved how the author showed how easy it is for young people to get sucked into prostitution, and why it happens. She wrote Rio with such sensitivity and emotion that as a reader you could not help but understand and even sympathize. I also thought that Mick being so much older than Rio was handled with style as well, Rio needed someone of his maturity. The way Ms. Steele handled the relationship between Rio and his father and how that all worked out was very well done as well. The lovemaking is hotter than hot as always, and a definite selling point for this reader. Put simply, go out and buy this one folks, you will not be sorry!

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