20478953.jpgThat’s one of my favorite lines from Hocus Pocus, and what I hope we’ll be doing during our time with author, Laura Reagan.

Versatile doesn’t even begin to describe this author  who has penned everything from steamy regencies to wild, wild westerns, and even a sizzling contemporary or two. Ms. Reagan’s regencies and westerns are wonderful examples of historicals done right and done well. With just enough romantic heat to keep you on your toes, and plots that keep you turning those smoldering pages until the very end.

As a reader of a certain –cough- age, I cut my literary teeth on historical romances, also known as, the bodice ripper.  Sure, they gained a bad rap in the politically correct era we live in now, but  I’ll admit I still love them.  Face facts, unless the heroine was a complete and utter ‘hoe’, the bad boy rake will be begging to be redeemed by the end of the book.  Any reader worth her salt knew the real fun was getting to that sticking point.

Her contemporaries written under the name Jenna M. Fox are sexy, sassy and have just the right touch of humor added to the mix so that you’ll be entertained to the last page.   Contemporaries are wonderful because I’m more apt to put myself in the heroine’s (admittedly tiny) shoes, however, I’m always up for a story about an alpha hunk and the girl who tames him or vice versa.  In the immortal words of Chaka Khan, just, “Tell me somethin’ good.”

So, please join me in welcoming Laura to Coffee Thoughts, I have a feeling that she’s going to show us just what Romance Run Amok is really about.    


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