When I pick up a book, it is often to escape the ‘real’ world and immerse myself into another place or time, with beings that exist in the imaginations of talented writers or with your regular too-good-to-be-true boy next door. As an author, I find that I long to create the same experiences for my readers, but also for myself. There are many things that influence my work, but the one thing that seems to crop up time and time again, is my love of Ireland and Scotland. Give me a guy with a wicked brogue and I melt like butter. It’s in the Keith blood.

I know. You’re asking, what’s the point and will I be getting to it any time soon? Yes, right about now, in fact. Whether it is as little as a name or as big as tying in pieces of the Emerald Isle’s history with a paranormal twist, my fascination seems to creep up and leave its mark on my work.

This isn’t as apparent in Buckling Down, where my love shows up in the McKenna name only, but with my current work in progress it flat out slaps you in the face. It starts with the names, the Fae, Irish mythological Kings, Celtic props, a slight twist on Celtic myth…oh and of course I couldn’t possibly leave out the brogue. 😉

The influence that this love affair has had on my work took me by surprise, but it is a fascination none the less, and one I thoroughly enjoy researching and adding to my work. So I am now forced to ask you, when you read, do you find that you have a theme? Places that you revisit over and over again, whether with the same author or many different ones? Where is your favorite place to travel by book?

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