21211710.jpgYour Queen of Hot seemed to push you in the right direction, it seems.  You are obviously having a great time with writing, and the reviews I’ve read show that others feel the exact same way.

I like the stories you told… and can see why you would want to put them in a book.  I’ve seen those couples arguing in a restaurant before – hell I was probably one of them, the way my husband and I can get off on stupid things.  And the cake?  I would have put it over his head and then licked the plate clean.  The nerve!  And he probably had the keys, too. She should get a spare set and leave him there next time.  But hey – the make up sex may have been great.  He would have been full of sugar, which made him sweet!

As for those other people…that’s scary to think someone could treat their child like that.  I know my kids are grown, but I remember those days when you’d be in the middle of the mall and one of them would throw themselves to the floor in a fit of rage.  Oh!  I would take them out to the car, drive them home, and they’d be in bed for the day!  There’s nothing I need at a store…save feminine napkins and chocolate…that would keep me there with a screaming child. 

That’s like when you’re sitting in church and you have a family near you – and the child starts crying, or whining, or just talking.  You hear the parents say “shh” or “be quiet”, instead of just POLITELY getting up and taking the kid out until they can be quiet!  That is so irritating.  I mean, why are you forcing this kid to sit there when they obviously should be in the nursery – or wherever – and you aren’t getting anything out of it!  God will understand!

So tell us what’s next for you, Sloane.  What new projects are you working on?  What new positions are you concocting (that could have been nasty) for readers?  Do tell!  I’m listening!


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