2360590.jpgAs did everything else in my life, erotica just happened. The original manuscript of Teddi Turns On was rejected by Silhouette after a year and two readers as being too mainstream. I’m just not into ‘shafts of steel’ cause they gotta hurt or ‘womanly cores’ cause they sound icky. Not thinking the mss or I would go anywhere, I tossed it into a closet and forgot about writing and returned to my exciting life of baby-sitting.

Then a very close friend suggested I take an online class offered by Jan Springer, who I refer to as the Queen of Hot. The class was short, sweet, and ohh baby, explicit. I was a natural at laying down the words, movements, and emotions of a damned hot sex scene. Jan suggessted I quit my day job and get my flabby rear into a chair and write instead of wasting a God given talent. No sweat. I was happy to follow her direction and the rest has been a sweet tease to my creativity.

I’ve been a people watcher since forever. Even as a child I would rather watch adults do stuff while all the other kids were on rides at the amusement parks. Unfortunately, I can’t think of one thing that I couldn’t put in a book. Apparently I have no code of ethics when it comes to blabbing my observances. LOL

The worst thing I ever saw was one winter, late in the day on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, which is an area of designer stores in the downtown area. A thirtysomething mom and dad, decked out in diamonds and furs, had their about three year old daughter in tow as they credit carded their way through the stores. Laden down with bags and no stroller, the child was bored, tired, and fussy. Instead of ending the power shopping spree, the father decided to handle the situation and proceeded to strip the kid’s rear and beat the living snot out of her. People stopped to watch and not one of the yuppies dug in their Armani pockets for a cell phone. This old gal did and called the police. When they arrived it happened to be a female officer who not only wrote out some sort of citation but also removed the frustrated family from the gapping crowd. That was years ago and I can’t seem to get it out of my mind. I’ve often wondered what happened to that little girl.

The funniest thing was in Vienna. A married couple of about forty years was having dinner in an upscale hotel restaurant. Apparently they’d had an agrument sometime before we arrived because they never spoke thoughout the long meal, but the wife never missed a chance to shoot dirty looks at her husband who took forever to eat. It was finally time for dessert and the waiter approached them. The lady shook her head no and started to stand. The man had this sneaky little smile that spilt his face, like he’d been planning this all through dinner, and softly spoke to the waiter. The woman growled, I kid you not, and sat back down. The waiter walked away covering his face to hid his laughter. About twenty minutes later this huge cake dessert thing arrived and the man sat there eating until it was finsihed. By the time he was done the woman’s face was purple. I’ll bet he got a good what for when they got back to their room.

Getting long winded here, aren’t I?

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