Deborah was ten when she started writing. With no preteen girl who had a horse on ‘Bonanza,’ she started composing short stories, along with poetry. She stays busy with two active girls, and treasuring a wonderful husband. In addition, she has enjoyed a career that has encompassed Spanish translation, worked as a volunteer at a crisis line, spent years in assorted ER’s, and a day job at a big Chicago teaching hospital. Deb loves to read, play the guitar, and do needlework, when she is not busy at the computer. She also loves to travel and meet new people, where some might turn up later in her stories.

To be honest, when I read this story, I wanted to tell some of the players to take a good look at themselves. Good job, Deborah Kinnard for creating genuine characters that speak from the heart. I enjoyed the way Ms. Kinnard slowly builds up the chemistry between AJ and Matt even knitting in a wonderful way for Matt to get her to learn about the Bible. Her words truly make the heart leap with joy. Courtney was a nice toss into the pot, not to mention the elders meeting. This poignant story is truly extraordinaire.

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