Today I watched CNN which in hindsight was a mistake because my IQ went down as my blood pressure went up. I’m also getting a little old for pink, however, I just could not look away, despite the glowing fuschia tone I knew I’d acquired from the heat coming off my skin. 

This is a sensitive subject but it needs to be addressed because I firmly believe that if it gets enough of the right kind of attention it will no longer have any power over us. hold.  There is no getting around the fact that it still exists in fools the deepest darkest areas of a bad and narrow minded soul where it can hide and fester without fear of being found by the light of recrimination retribution and revenge.  What am I talking about that has my blood pressure in such a twist and has put my thesaurus to such good use?


How is first time I heard about the Jena 6 was just today when this incident happened a year ago?  Now, I’ll admit that I’m not the most news minded person in the world.  I’d rather read and ridicule Britany, Bradjelina, Benifer and the rest than have to think about politics and such. But you’d think we’d have all heard something by now. Cover up. Conspiracy. Crooked Politicians. Whatever the reasons were, they no longer matter, because some enterprising soul got the celebs involved now and the eyes of the nation are upon them. Remember that Shame Light? Well, it’s on high beam now! 

More than likely it was the celebs that caught my attention, but whatever the reason, I felt shamed, despite the fact that I was guilty of nothing more than being born below the Mason/Dixon Line. It’s a sad fact that racism is alive and well, but the best way to stop the ignorance is to listen to your fellow man, learn from them and love one another no matter the color, creed, or religion.  Who taught me about tolerance? Surprinsingly enough it was my sweet southern grandmother, so there is hope for the future, believe it or not. 

We can beat this disease, by shining the bright light of shame on the ignorant. Though they’ll just scurry back under the rocks like the slimy lizards they really are. But, at least we’ll have gotten a good gander at their faces so we’ll know who to look for for the next go round.   

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