Anita Blake is an interesting woman. She is a necromancer, a vampire hunter, a Federal Marshal and her love life is exploding!  She is a strong, willful, and determined woman. Yet she is still a woman! This is a series I began with a bit of hesitation. One of my favorite authors told how she enjoyed Laurell K. Hamilton’s writing so I picked up the first book, Guilty Pleasures, then moved on very quickly to the rest of the series. It is the excitement of Anita’s life which I fell in love with.  Her life is certainly more interesting than a homemaker’s in Oklahoma can be. The series follows Anita and what becomes her menagarie of men. It gets a little more steamy as the series goes on, but it is just all part of Anita’s life. Currently, the latest book in the series, Skin Trade, sits in a tote anxiously awaiting Christmas. What are the chances it will stay there that long?

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