I bought Laurell K. Hamilton’s series because they sounded really good. A petite woman with a pit bull tenacity? Hmmm, must buy! Then, I started reading and couldn’t stop. I know a lot of people think these books became more erotic as they went on, but that hasn’t dampened my desire for them in the least.

Anita Blake is a vampire hunter and necromancer for her night job. But when  she gets done with work her lovers are waiting to satisfy her every desire. She now harbors the ardeur inside of her and it must be fed. Between her vampire lovers and were lovers, the sex does occur often, but I still think she is the tenacious thing she has always been.

See? I added another spooky element to the list: Zombies. This series contains all the things that scare the bejeebers out of you and turns it up a few notches.

Laurell K. Hamilton’s site

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