This just has to be said.  I watch a lot of television, and I would be the first to admit to having a not too rosey opinion of Anna Nicole back in the day.  I mean, a young woman marrying an older RICH man for love?  I didn’t buy it.  Am I right?  Who knows, and now – who cares?  This woman is dead; her baby girl left to carry on a legacy of fighting, sorrow, and being in the spotlight because of who she is.

Anna’s mother.  I find it difficult to even write that without wanting to string the woman up by her … let’s say toes, but I was thinking something more painful.  Here she comes in, obviously trying to get her face in the news, and fighting for something that isn’t even hers.  And to top it off, she’s fighting for the SHELL of Anna.  I mean, depending on your beliefs, but mine is that once you’ve left your body – you’re gone.  Why is she fighting so hard to separate her child from HER child?  She says she wants her daughter near her – but she doesn’t want Anna near her son?  How does this make sense to her?  And she received money for having her picture taken on Daniel’s grave.  Ugh!  Anna hated her mother.  HATED her.  She would not want this, and for anyone to fight for the mother to get her, should be locked in a room until Anna is next to Daniel. 

I tell ya – if someone came and tried to bury me anywhere but next to my children, I would come back to haunt you forever.  And then to fight for the guardianship of Dannielynn!!  HELLO!  Did the lawyers and judges not watch the tape where Anna said her mother beat and whipped her – and that she wouldn’t touch her baby girl?  Does no one care about this?

I can’t watch anything else about it.  It irritates me and I want to hop on a plane and do something to the mother.  I refuse to use her name because she doesn’t deserve the publicity she obviously craves.  And I won’t get started on the paternity suit.  I feel sorry for Howard Stern, having to deal with all this after Anna is gone.  Even if people think he was less than up front – or less than worthy – who is the one looking after the baby?  Who was the ONLY one in court who didn’t want to bring up Anna’s past and talk ill about her??  HOWARD was.  This made him more appealing in my eyes, and I’m sure Anna is loving him from beyond. 

This is going to be another Princess Diana moment, isn’t it?  Ten years after her death and they still make up rumors, write books, and spill secrets.  Makes me happy to be a housewife where no one but family knows me, no one but friends know my secrets, and I can go out in public make-up free and not worry about a camera in my face and a reporter talking about my cellulite and wrinkles. 

Bless you, Anna Nicole, and may you eventually rest in peace.

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