Here’s another little peek from my book, please enjoy. I hope you will find my sneak peeks intriguing enough to pick up my book and enjoy.

Lasher knocked lightly on the door.  Eleora asked them to enter and to join her in the kitchen where the table was already set, and the food served piping hot.  Lasher, and Thomas entered and their bellies grumbled loudly as the aromas of fresh baked bread, and stew filled their nostrils.  They entered the kitchen and sat in the chairs Eleora indicated.  Lasher noticed that she had changed out of her gray kirtle and apron, and now wore a gossamer white dress with a leather belt; the slender curve of her calves peeked out from the slits on the side of the garment, and her feet were bare.  Her hair was still unbound, and she wore a circlet of gold adorned with an amethyst over an opal.  The creamy swell of her breasts peeked out from the top of her dress adding to her allure.  Her circlet held the stones of a mage; could it be this woman was magical like Tessa?  He would have to ask her when he had a moment alone with her.   “It smells delicious milady, we are sorely hungry, and grateful for this bountiful meal.”  Lasher said as he pulled out a chair for Eleora to sit.  “Please, do not let it get cold milord’s.”  She said cheerfully.  She sat in the offered chair, and Lasher moved to his place once more.  Thomas wasted no time tearing off a piece of the warm bread, and slathering it with butter.  Lasher tore off another piece of bread, and offered it to Eleora before taking his own.  Thomas looked a bit sheepish as he noticed Lasher’s gesture of serving the lady first.  It seemed he had already forgotten his lessons of this morning.  He would have to do better if he wanted to please Lasher.  Lasher knew that Thomas had realized his error and he had no wish to berate the lad anymore than he was berating himself so he would remain silent on the issue.  The lamb stew was delicious, the vegetables, and herbs complimented each other to provide the perfect blend of taste for the palate.  The lady was a good cook it seemed and Lasher was grateful for it today.  When supper had ended Thomas offered to wash the dishes, and clean up.  Lasher agreed, he knew the boy was quick to offer because it was his way of atonement for not serving the lady first at supper.  Eleora started to protest but Lasher quickly interrupted.  “Milady would you like to take a walk with me?  I would enjoy seeing the rest of the land surrounding your cottage.”  He said softly.  Eleora smiled, and nodded.  She turned to look at Thomas once more before Lasher guided her gently from the room and into the moonlit yard.

Lasher watched Eleora move in the moonlight, she looked like an ethereal creature moving in, and out of the shadows.  By the gods she was magnificent he thought.  Eleora walked along in the moonlight, she loved the night.  The air always seemed to be crisper, and fresher at night.  The moon was nearly full tonight and the light it provided was more than enough to see the surrounding terrain.  Eleora held her arms out, and lifted her face to the moon; she turned herself around several times enjoying the feel of the night air on her skin.  She did not care what Lasher thought, this was her nature and she would not change for anyone.  Lasher watched as she moved like an ethereal nymph dancing in the moonlight, even her shadow had grace.  “What kind of magic do you possess milady?”  He asked softly.  Eleora stopped her spinning, and turned to face him placing her hands on her hips.  “What makes you think I possess magic milord?”   She asked defiantly, lifting her chin.  Lasher smiled, and pondered her defiance for a moment before answering her actions were enough to confirm that she did indeed possess some kind of magic.  “You wear an amethyst, and an opal within your golden circlet milady.  These are stones that are precious to those who dwell in the magic realm. Do you deny this?”  He asked.  Eleora turned and walked away from him, her heart was beating like a frightened dove.  How could he know these things?  Eleora knew that if she lied he would know, and she did not wish to have lies between them.  She stopped, and turned to face him once more colliding into his broad chest.  Damn the man!  What was wrong with her?  She should have known he would do that.  Eleora stumbled back but Lasher’s strong arms prevented her fall.  Eleora could feel his warm breath along her temple, she could feel the strength of his arms around her and the nearness of their bodies brought an awareness of his masculinity she was not willing to admit she found quite arousing.  She quickly removed herself from his arms and stepped away from him.  Lasher stood his ground, his arms now folded over his chest awaiting her answer.  Eleora stared him in the eyes as she spoke.  “Yes, I am of the magic realm.  I was born this way; my mother was a white sorceress.  When she passed to the realm of the dead she bestowed all her powers to me.  I am a sorceress of white magic milord; does this change your mind about me?”  Lasher smiled and shook his head.  “Nay milady it does not.  My wife was a mage, although she did not possess powerful magic she was of the magical realm.”  He said softly.  Eleora raised her eyes to his surprised by his words.  “You know of magic, I am surprised, to say the least.  Where is your wife now milord?”  She asked.  Lasher raked a hand through his hair and let out a sigh.  “She is dead milady, although she has not yet gone to the realm of the dead.  We have unfinished business here, and when it is finished she will move on and I shall remain here until it is my time to go.”  Lasher turned and walked to a nearby tree leaning against its trunk.  Eleora’s heart skipped a beat.  This was the man foretold to her by a woman in a dream!  The woman had spoken of unfinished business, and Eleora’s future with this man, the man she was destined to help.  “Your wife milord, she comes to you in dreams, does she not?”  She asked softly.  Lasher stepped away from the tree and moved to where Eleora stood.  “What do you know of my wife milady?”  He whispered.  Eleora smiled warmly.  “I know naught of your lady wife milord.  I do know that those who have unfinished business here in this realm cannot enter the realm of the dead until they finish it.  They walk in the realm of dreams and there they will dwell until their business is finished.  Tell me milord what business have you left unfinished?”  She asked.  “My son lady, my business, and that of my wife is our son.”  He said.  “She comes to me in dreams and has been my guide since the night she was taken from me.”

Eleora had heard enough, she knew her destiny lay with this man, and his child.  The time had come for her to show him their destinies were entwined like grapes upon the vine.  “The amulet milord, where is the amulet?”  She whispered.  Lasher looked horrified.  “What do you know of the amulet?”  He asked.  “Please.”  She pleaded.  “I need the amulet; I cannot help you if you do not give it to me.”  She said.  Lasher reached into his tunic and pulled the amulet from within is folds.  Eleora smiled and reached for the amulet but Lasher pulled it away.  “Do not play me for a fool lady; it will not end well for you.”  He said.  “Our destinies are entwined like fruit upon the vine we cannot change what has been decided for us.  I seek to help you find your son, the amulet is the key.”  She whispered.  Lasher placed the amulet in her hand and then lifted her face to his.  “Destiny.”  He breathed, and then he kissed her.  Eleora stood transfixed as Lasher lowered his dark head and kissed her.  Her heart raced as his lips touched hers, she had never been touched by a man and this was not what she had expected.  She felt her power surge as she became aroused by his kiss.  Abruptly she stepped away breaking the kiss, she felt as if she would burn to a cinder.  The heat of his kiss, and the surge of her magical power was almost her undoing!  Lasher could no longer deny his attraction to the healer; he wanted just a kiss, a taste of her.  She was finer than any honeyed wine; she tasted of sunshine and sky.  He felt bereft when she broke the kiss, like a starving man at a feast, he wanted more, much more.  “I will not say I am sorry lady, I cannot deny what has passed between us.”  He said softly.  Eleora smiled.  “I do not expect you to milord for I cannot deny it either.”

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