Enjoy this excerpt from Arrogant CEO ~ my story in the Reluctant Bride anthology:

With one final glance at myself in the mirror, I fluff my wavy raven locks and wink, knowing I won’t let anything spoil my evening.

I stride out of the bathroom, intent on getting a drink and returning to help Lori and Randy, my other co-worker, close up our booth for the evening. Taking the long way around the center to stretch my legs, I round a corner and hear moaning coming from a nearby alcove. I’m surprised how dimly lit the area is and wander closer, wondering if someone needs help. But just as I catch a glimpse of two figures, I quickly realize help is most certainly not what they need. What they need is a private room!

With the woman’s backside to me and the man partially blocked by her body, I have no idea who they are and don’t plan to stick around to find out. I start to turn, but the sound of the man’s harsh voice cements me in place.

Now,” he says with a commanding growl. “Come for me now.” With one hand plastered to the woman’s back, the other is nowhere to be seen. But I have a pretty good idea where it’s at when her skirt is bunched up and her body begins to buck in his arms. She lets out a keening moan and the man moves his head to suckle at her neck. His eyes somehow find mine and my breath catches in my throat.


His gaze darkens but never strays from mine as he continues to pleasure the woman. I feel my cheeks flush while my body betrays me, a slow and steady burn building in my center, radiating outward.

Jesus, Cora, move!

But my body doesn’t obey my mind. I’m rooted to this spot, transfixed by the sight of their bodies doing wicked deeds, by the sound of her pleasure as she continues to moan, and by the possessive hold Theo has on me with his gaze alone.

When the woman begins to still in his arms, Theo turns his concentration back to her, breaking the tether between us. I rush away, my heart beating wildly in my chest. It’s a miracle my feet remain coordinated enough to lead me back to the exhibit hall. With shaky legs, I approach our booth, snatching up my purse and bag, making excuses about needing to leave.

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