A loud banging on the door forced Adela to push off Phillip’s heavy arms from across her chest. She leaned over his peaceful sleeping features and smiled at the innocent boyish look upon his face. The door rattled again, this time more aggressively. Frowning, she shook Phillip.
“Wake up. There is someone at the door.”
But he remained asleep. She tried shaking him again, but he did not budge.
“Phillip …”
The door slammed open and three fearsome soldiers filed into the chamber. She screamed and shoved at Phillip’s limp body once more.
“Die witch!” the soldiers snarled, then pounced on the bed and plunged each of their swords into her chest.

Adela jolted awake in terror. Breathing heavily, she looked over at Phillip sleeping soundly beside her. She pushed away the matted hair on her face and swept her feet to the side of the bed.
“What purpose did that dream serve?” she asked in a chocked voice, her gaze drifting to the sunrise outside the large window.
Adela released a long audible sigh and pushed to her sluggish feet. The cold stones against the soles of her feet chilled her naked body as she lightly padded over to the wash stand. Pouring water into a basin, she splashed the cool liquid onto her face.
A bang at the door echoed through the chamber. Adela jumped, a gasp escaping her lips. Her nervous gaze jerked to Phillip sleeping soundly in bed and back to the door.
“My laird,” a male voice called through the oak. “An unusual guest waits below.” He knocked again. “Are you awake?”
Adela went to the door.
“Do not answer it,” Phillip whispered tersely.
Adela hesitated, blinking with confusion.
He struggled out of bed and pulled on a pair of breeches. Opening the door to a sliver, he leaned against the doorway. Adela heard his steward say Lady Torella sat impatiently in the Great Hall.
After Phillip closed the door tightly behind him, Adela asked, “Why did you not want your man to see me?”
“I wish not to tarnish your reputation,” he offered and lifted the lid of a timber chest at the end of the bed. “Looks like your spell worked in summoning Lady Torella.”
“You wish not to tarnish your reputation,” Adela hissed, ignoring his change of subject.
Phillip shrugged into a white tunic and rubbed his cheek as he faced her. “I did not want to share you just yet,” he replied softly. He placed his hands on both sides of her face and lightly kissed her lips.
She grimaced and leaned away. “Have you forgotten who I am? I can sense you are not telling the whole truth.”
He ran his hand distractedly through his hair. “My people are going to have a hard time accepting their enemy as their mistress, even if it does mean peace. I did not want to confuse them with you being in my bed.”
“You mean you did not want them to know their laird is bedding a filthy witch!”
“Forget it.”
She scoped up her clothes and threw them on the bed. “I do not need your charity.”
“You cannot walk outside naked,” Phillip said and picked up the gown. “Get dressed and go to your chamber. I will be there shortly and we can talk about this.”
Adela glanced away, her arms crossed. She was not going to wait as a dog waits for his master.
“Please, Adela. Do not leave without talking to me.”
She gazed up at his face and felt his inner torment. His eyes pleaded for her understanding.
“Very well.” Adela snatched the gown from his hands. “Go tend to your new bride.”
He gave a curt nod, and then reached into the pocket of her gown and pulled out the love potion. Pivoting on his heel, he left.
She flopped onto the bed with a deep sigh. What was she doing here? Was she prepared to be just another woman in the laird’s bed? To be forever hiding from his people? She sat upright, her stomach knotting with emotional pain. She had been running and hiding from people all her life. Afraid they would see who she was, afraid their fear of witches would kill her like her mother.
Clenching her teeth, she seethed with fury. She was not going to hide and she was not going to wait.
Shrugging into her gown and slippers, she slammed open the door and ran down the spiral stairway.

I wasn’t sure if you wanted sex scenes on the blog. I wouldn’t want to shock your readers as it can get really graphic. 😉


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