Sorry you had computer problems, Bonnie.  When they work, they are wonderful but when they don’t…they’re like my obstinate muse who I call The Hell Bitch.

I get enormous support from my family.  My husband and daughter practically strike up a band and sing hallelujah every chance they get.  My mother calls me the family “celebrity” which is hilarious on many levels. I’m about as far from being a “celebrity” as you can get.  I’m writing this in my pj’s, my hair in a messy pony tail, no makeup, sipping my second cup of tea having just consumed my usual bowl of cereal.

Thank you for your kind remarks in regard to my writing.  I’m trying…my craft is definitely a work in progress. I learn something new every time I write. My goal with each book is to write the best story I can. If the readers like it, I’ve done my job.

Here is another excerpt from Sheriff.  Hope you enjoy it.   The reviews for this book have been phenomenal. :-))


Rick leaned against the side of the red car and watched Delaney. She was clad in a heavy jacket, but the hem lifted up from where she leaned under the hood, giving him a nice view of her luscious bottom covered in faded jeans. A few tools lay at her feet. He heard a soft curse.

“Got a phantom in your manifold?”

Delaney straightened from beneath the hood with a wrench in her right hand. The florescent light inside the garage highlighted her bright, blue eyes and shone down on her blonde hair she’d gathered into a messy ponytail. She smiled and he fought the urge to touch her. “Not exactly but the engine does have a couple of problems.”

Rick folded his arms over his chest. “Such as?”

She lifted her right hand and brushed a strand of blonde hair from her eyes. She raked her top teeth over her bottom lip then rubbed it with her tongue. A long, slow curl of lust arrowed from his gut to his groin. God, the woman made him hot. He wished to hell he could figure out why so that he could stop it.

Delaney cocked her head to the side and raised her right brow. “Are you curious about engines?”

Not about engines, about her. He’d never known a woman who was interested in the inner workings of a car. As long as the vehicle started when they turned the key, they didn’t care. “Let me put it this way. I can change the oil, battery and spark plugs but beyond that I rely on the experts. You seem to know a lot more. I was wondering why.”

She laid the crescent wrench on the roof of the car and looked at him. “I was the son my father never had.”

Her eyes clouded briefly with an emotion he couldn’t read then it was gone.

“He taught me about cars so I wouldn’t be taken advantage of by a mechanic who figured I was a dumb blonde who didn’t know anything about engines.”

“So what’s wrong with your car?”

She sighed. “The radiator has a leak and there could be a problem with the crankshaft.”

“What’s in the crankshaft?” He knew but he wanted her to tell him.

“It contains pistons that basically move up and down … in and out.” Her voice was matter-of-fact as if she was teaching an automotive class, but for him a sensual image formed in his mind. He clasped his palms around Delaney’s bare buttocks and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he pressed her against the side of the car, moved his hips forward, and plunged deep within her.

“Are you okay?”

Delaney’s question snapped Rick out of his sexual haze. Damn it, he was acting like a teenager caught up in the confusing excitement of male hormones. He was a police officer who needed to get his brains out of his pants. “Yeah, I’m fine. How do the pistons work? Show me.”

She touched the smooth, pale column of her throat as her eyes sent him a silent message of lust and longing. He suddenly had an irresistible urge to lick her neck plus a whole lot more. “The pistons are tubular in shape and they fit inside the cylinder.”

Heat bloomed in his belly and slid lower. She was killing him and didn’t even know it. Well, damn it, he didn’t want to be the only one to suffer. “Is it a tight fit?”

A gleam of sensual interest filled her gaze. She stepped closer to him.

Oh, yeah, come to daddy.

“It isn’t … tight, exactly.” Her silky voice stroked his male desire with a seductive touch. Quiet filled the garage in a thick blanket of hopeful expectation. Rick stared at Delaney, the tawny glow of her hair under the light, her blue eyes gleaming with a curious, unresolved longing. Her full, pink lips beckoned him to slide his tongue inside her mouth and satisfy them both.

With the tip of his finger, Rick touched the indentation above her top lip then stroked his finger down over her lips. She parted her lips and closed them around the end of his finger. He felt the tip of her tongue flick over his skin. He kept his finger there hoping she would do it again and she didn’t disappoint him. What the hell was he doing? He knew it was wrong but he couldn’t seem to stop himself. “Snug? Close?”

Her gaze lowered to his mouth. “Uh-huh.”

Oh yeah. It would definitely be snug. Her tongue nudged against his finger again. He felt the blood leave his brain and gush in a torrent to his groin. “What happens next?”

Her eyes locked onto his. “Next?”

Rick slid his finger from between her lips and trailed a damp path down her neck to the hollow of her throat. “Once the piston gets inside the cylinder, does it lie still?” No way. “Or does it move?”

Her breath shuddered out. “It moves back and forth.”

Damn right. He wanted to slip his hand inside her coat beneath her sweater and bra, if she was wearing one, until he cupped the warm, soft flesh of her breasts. “What makes it move, Delaney?”

Hot, nervy tension formed a thread between them. She swallowed and tilted her head as if she were going to kiss him. “Force.” Her voice was husky and soft.

Yes, it would be a force of pure, sexual lust and energy, the kind generated between a man and a woman. His gaze skimmed her face. Dreamy eyes, nice nose, and a mouth that promised untold pleasures. He wanted to stroke his hands over every inch of her body. Was she as soft and pampered between her thighs as the rest of her skin looked? Would her breath hitch and a moan glide from her throat when he slipped inside her? Would she react to him the way she did during her dream? “Does it move fast or slow?

“It starts sort of slow then it pumps more rapidly.”

Hmm. Hard, fast and deep. Oh, God. “All that pumping’s bound to cause some friction.”

Her eyes darkened slightly. “Friction?”

“You know, heat, Delaney.”

She nodded. “There’s a lot of heat.”

There would be fire, hot licks of it drenched with sweat. “With all that heat being generated, a piston probably needs some kind of lubrication.”

He could imagine the lubrication involved. “Tell me, Delaney, about the lubrication. Is it slick and hot, coating everything to insure smooth, deep penetration?”

Her lips parted on a sigh and her eyes glazed as if in passion. “Uh-huh.”

Rick dipped his head, until his mouth was a fraction away from hers and their breath mingled. One taste. All he needed was one taste and he could handcuff his insane desire where Delaney was concerned.

When his lips barely touched Delaney’s, he heard footsteps.

“Need any help?”

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