My son came over last night and took me from my computer.  I know – the nerve, right?  But since he moved out and found a girlfriend I barely see him – so I’ll take him when I can get him.  However, if I’d known there was an invitation for rib eye steaks……I would have thrown him out.  lol.  I love steak!

As for the writing, good on you for not trying to impress anyone.  I can’t imagine it’s easy writing and/or promoting, so for you to just do what you do is great.  Oh, and keep your husband thinking you’re shy – when you get to be my age, with my husband older, they begin to think you’re just the maid because they only notice you when you’re cooking them something or they need something washed/ironed.

You’re allergic to dogs, but you have one?  I love that.  Someone once told me that if you have an allergy to cats and/or dogs, but get them when they’re puppies/kittens, your allergy to that specific animal is minimal.  Now whether they know what they’re talking about is another thing.

I’ll miss you too.  It’s been greating blogging with you this week, so don’t be a stranger – stop by and leave a comment or two.  Good luck with your writing and all you do.  Thanks for being here this week – I can’t believe how fast it’s flown by!  Enjoy the spring!

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