I’ve been having one of those days today. Freelance clients galore, which is always good since that means $$$$ to pay the bills, but then I overslept, couldn’t find my password for the blog here, oh, and I can’t get my shower drain unclogged. Ever have one of those days? I’m having one today! But I still do try to keep my sense of humor since right now that feels like about all I have going for me today. *snicker* As to the shower drain, I’ve been trying to not use as many chemical based products so I’m trying the whole vinegar and baking soda thing. Have you ever tried to put baking soda down one of those drains that has the built in plug? 😯 Ugh! I ended up trying to shove it down the drain with my fingers and it got clogged on the workings before it ever got to the drain. Because of that, I have no idea how successful that little venture is going to be, it might be Drano here I come again if it winds up being more trouble than it’s worth. LOL

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