Okay, now to get down to the nitty gritty.  What are the worst habits that authors do?  Do you find yourself thinking about this often and making sure you don’t repeat the mistakes?  Do you have it in your head the things you look for as a reviewer while writing?  Do you wish you could take an author aside and tell them perhaps they’re not getting it?

And if you could give advice to a reviewer – what would it be?  I mean, just because someone hates your book doesn’t mean it’s a bad story – or a bad book.  I mean, there are lots of movies out there that are terrible, yet get great reviews.  Most Academy Awards I find are given to either unknown movies or ones you’re thinking you’d never go see.  Now that is my opinion – but does it make me right?  Of course it does – this is my playground and you shall not go down my slide without my permission.  🙂

Do you find it difficult to give bad reviews?  Or do you find it harder to give great reviews?  Do you wish you could write some of the things authors come up with?  We all wish we’d thought of Harry Potter and had millions of dollars (or billions…….) but there is only one JK Rowling.  Do you think “I wish I’d thought of that” or is it more “what the hell were they thinking?”  Do you come across many stories that are similar to each other, yet the authors are not related or acquainted in any way? 
I know some of the staff from Coffee Time either through interviewing them and/or sneaking onto the loops to have  a look around, but I don’t have a close relationship with them.  How do you get along with them all, and do you feel overpowered by women, or wish you could meet them in person? Both?


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