This is great to ask a man some questions – especially since the only thing my husband writes down is hockey scores and/or items he wants on his pizza.  He doesn’t have a creative bone in his body and I would love to pick your brain just for a few minutes (or a week – we’ll see how you get along)

What do you think inspired you to begin writing?  What is it about literature that appeals to you – or do you consider romantic fiction to be literature?  Would you say it’s harder or easier for a man to write romance?  What about the sex scenes?  I think it’s interesting how psychologists say women are more into feeling and men are more visual.  Does this affect your writing – whether it be romantic or not?  Does it make your descriptions more detailed, or more black and white?

Through the eyes of a reviewer – to write must be an interesting challenge.  What do you take away from reading other people’s books?  Do you wish to have your books reviewed, and if so, by whom?  What I mean is would you rather just a Tom Dick or Harry (or Sally, Mary, Jane, whatever) to read it, or would you want a review site?  Professional reviews or volunteers? 
Let’s hear what you have to say because I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know anything about the writing or reviewing world – as I’ve never done either one.

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