Here is a little about Mary Balogh, courtesy of her website bio:              I had a very good education thanks to parents who emphasized the importance of school and career at a time when many people were still saying that education was wasted on girls. I was fortunate to be young at a time when there was employment in almost any field I might have chosen. I wanted to teach and travel, and came to Kipling, Saskatchewan, Canada, on a two-year teaching contract. But at the end of the first year I had a blind date with a man named Robert Balogh and found a tall, sharply dressed, blue-eyed Adonis standing in my landlady’s kitchen when I came down from my room on the fateful evening. We were married a little over a year later.

At Last Comes Love is the epitome of what any great romance should be; Ms. Balogh has outdone herself with this unbelievably perfect phenomenon. Margaret is what every woman should strive to be: the sister with the heart of gold and the will of iron, and Duncan is a true gentleman, no matter how black everyone thinks his soul is. This is a stunning fairy-tale that will have every romantic crying out for more from this amazing series. This book can be read as a standalone; however, it is my feeling that with each book she has written, the author amazes me time and again with her beautifully written words that must come straight from her heart. This novel will leave you crying, laughing, cheering, and ready to fight for two characters that any reader will most definitely fall in love with!

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