Do you suppose they leave a cooler filled with overpriced pop and juice at the counter for a reason?  I think they suck all the good air out of the store and fill it with sand so you’re so parched by the time you’re done shopping, you have nothing else to do but buy a drink.  I’ve done it before too, and then hated myself afterwards.  Like a dieter trying to cut back on chocolate, but what’s at the checkout counter??  CHOCOLATE!  And they put the slowest people on cash so you’re forced to stand there, with a mouth full of sand and a belly that is screaming for it’s dark release.  I can’t tell you enough how frustrating that is for me.

I’m going to start watching for the cashiers to be free before I go up there.  Otherwise I’m also forced to stare at Brad and Angela and their *cough barf cough* perfect family; or how Lindsey Lohan went to rehab AGAIN and the girls not old enough to drink.  I’ve seen her mother pretend to be an interviewer….and there’s no surprise why Lindsey is a party girl.  And Paris Hilton is going to jail…wow….poor thing.  I can’t believe the police had the nerve to send a princess like her to jail  = and all because she drank a few  – insert whatever here  – and got behind the wheel of the car.  Oh, and those blonde roots are real, folks, because she didn’t know you weren’t allowed to drive when your license is suspended.

Yes, I love standing there reading about all these things, and this is without picking one up!  Can you imagine paying for that garbage?  Do people really buy into the whole Hollywood thing?  I wouldn’t mind their money, but please don’t give me their need for attention and substances.  It’s sad, really.  I’m sure Paris will write a book about her time in jail and Lindsay (can’t remember how to spell her name and can’t be bothered to look it up) will write one about being in rehab.  They do need the money and fame, after all.

I suppose you could tell me to stay home and not pay attention to it all.  But then I can’t bitch about it, can I?  Have a good evening, all!

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