I too am a Happy Bunny fan!  Of course, my favorite bunnyism is, Crazy doesn’t even begin to cover it, but that’s beside the point and a few million chocolate chips ago.

I already said I loved the fact you have older h/h in your stories, but I don’t mind saying it again. I love it!  I have to confess that when I read, I usually substitue an older woman for the heroine.  I’m sure she’d be wise enough to get herself out of those sticky situations the perky breasted young damsel in distress finds herself in all the time.   Of course, that could be the jealousy talking.. or the gravity.

I guess I put someone more like me in the book. While this makes me feel like a cougar because the hero’s not that old either, being a dirty old woman’s fun. However, there’s a point in a majority of them, usually toward the end, where the heroine ends up, knocked up, and that’s where I cringe and think, Oh dear God, please don’t let that happen to me! That’s not what the author’s going for, I’m betting, but that’s what she gets with me, the Anti-sperm.  

You keep it up, JL, because I firmly believe that the demographic of romance readers is getting older. What with the younger generation on their IPod’s, Cellphones, and PC’s they don’t take as much time to read.  So, if authors want to keep those with the book lovin’ jonz happy, they’d better start aging their characters just a little bit. That’s not to say all of their characters should be older, just take some of them a little past their twenties. This way I don’t feel like I’m reading an episode of MTV’s Real World. Especially when I’m one of those who remembers when that channel played actual music.  

Oh man, I really am old. I need a character whose just as old as me to find a hot man and live happily ever after and I need it to happen STAT!

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