My contest listing is on my main website at but to enter just send me an email (to and be sure to put Contest in the subject line so your email enters you into the contest. My goodies include a copy of my print novel, Never Surrender, a t-shirt with my logo, one of my pens and note pads, an Amazon gift card and your choice of chocolates, milk or dark, and many post cards and book marks from other authors.

So, be sure to send me an email and enter but please take a few minutes and stop by my website to browse around.

I hope your summer is going well and you’re getting in some down time to relax. We took a few days and extended our conference time to enjoy the area so that was fun, but we haven’t actually taken our vacation yet this summer. We have a cabin in the mountains reserved for a night but I’m thinking it’ll be two nights and three days just to sit back and maybe get in some fishing and just plain enjoying the views in the Lochsa Mountains. After spending so much time at the office, a few days away will be nice and maybe new characters will stop in to visit and tell me their story. Who knows, that’s how it works though. When I least expect it, a story begins and scenes keep showing me how the story should go.

Are some of you secret writers? I’d like to hear from you. How do your characters contact you? How do you develop their personalities?

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