Crikey! That’s quite a welcome. Thanks Claudine. It is a pleasure to be here. Have hustled the small screamies (sorry, my children) off to the in-laws and am poised at my laptop, ready to blog away.

Of course at this point my mind usually goes blank and I wander off to watch the end of Oprah, or Dr Phil or, um, something heaving with Australian Hunks. But NO, not today. I am on a mission, and that mission includes Australian Men, does it get better than this??

I mean they’re lovely aren’t they? I have to say I’m a bit partial to Simon Baker, it’s the blonde brooding thing –mmm. I like my men a bit tortured – well except for hubby. I simply don’t have time for hubby to be tortured – poor love, he just gets told to get over it! Yes, that’s the extent of my emotional support. Of course if it’s ME who’s got the problem then it’s an entirely different story.

Now where was I, oh yes, Aussie men (sorry, am easily distracted)…

Yes, here in Australia we do well for hunks, Russell Crowe anyone? But, it must be said that hunks are not without their drawbacks. They’re just so… hunky. Always rushing about mustering cattle, saving drowning tourists on Bondi beach, travelling miles to find the perfect set of waves, throwing phones at bystanders… Really they can be quite tiring.

Are they all like this? Well no. We also specialise in other types of men, in particular the Australian metrosexual. These well-off fellows spend their time lurking in upmarket bars, swapping names of the best shops, clubs, gyms and hairdressers. They’ve never mustered a single cow, and don’t leave their inner city suburb, let alone the metropolitan area. They’re fabulous at dinner parties, and always bring the right wine, but rugged? Hardly.

So what is a poor Aussie gal to do? What we need is a bit of a blend, a hunky fellow who knows about wine, can surf a point break, but will come home and cook a perfect Alfredo Pasta (no, not from a packet). Mmmm. That’d be perfect.

And coincidentally, is the exact description of Max, the hero of the book I’m currently writing. Yes, its working title is Boys of Summer and it’s a Romantic Suspense set in the sexy, wealthy world of professional surfing. Am doing lots of research at the beach examining surfers. Yes, I know. I suffer for my art!


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