As an author, there are things that excite me. This is one of them. Two of my books have been nominated for the coveted Rone Award. The next step in the award process is for readers to vote. Books that ‘make the cut’ go on to final judging.

Graham: Sons of Sagamore has been nominated in the Best Novella Ancient to Regency category. The reader voting began this Monday, April 19th and continues through Sunday, April 25th at

A Crowned Heart Review from InD’tale for
Graham: Sons of Sagamore

“Set mainly in a beautiful Chateau with a winery in 13th century France, historical romance fans will easily find themselves swept up in this beautiful setting. With flawed characters, a mystery to solve and several plot twists, it is very easy to just keep turning the pages to see how this will all play out.”

He was a man to be reckoned with, and she was every bit up to the challenge.

Isabella Girard keeps careful watch over Charlotte Eden, the Countess of Sagamore’s chateau in Châlons, France. Loyal, trustworthy, and inseparable childhood friends, Isabella would do anything Charlotte. While she and her grandmother see to the chateau, Nolan LaBarge takes care of the winery. She has learned a lot in the three years Charlotte and her husband have moved to England, men are not to be trusted, especially English men.

Graham Eden, Charlotte’s widowed brother-in-law, has isolated himself in the Northumberland hills in England. Unlike his wealthy high-stakes deal-making brother who excels at sitting through negotiations at court or in dreary salons, Graham prefers seclusion and the challenges and accomplishments of physical work. His brother was his rock when his wife died. He would do anything for him.

When Isabella sends a letter to Charlotte telling her the winery is close to financial ruin and there is little money to run the chateau, the countess sends Graham to take control and straighten things out. Graham quickly finds that the person sabotaging the winery is close to Isabella.

He must prove to her that the man she trusts most has deceived and betrayed her and
the man she trusts least, an Englishman loves her with all his heart.

* * * *

Heart of the Matter has been nominated in the Best Romantic Suspense/Thriller category. The reader voting begins Monday, April 26th and continues through Sunday, May 2nd at

A Crowned Heart Review from InD’tale for
Heart of the Matter

Ruth A. Casie weaves a story that provides mystery, romance, and relatable characters that readers can’t help but root for… The romance and mystery between Addy and Ethan as well as Cookie and Ben will have readers on the edge of their seats in anticipation. Ms. Casie sends the reader on a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows as Addy and Ethan work to unravel the mystery of their dearly departed relatives. This book is well-written, emotionally wrenching, and satisfyingly delicious… The author ties up the story in a neat bow of heartfelt emotion, satisfaction of a mystery solved, and a promise for a wonderful future!”

Digging into the past can be murder

Addison Moore, a well-known psychiatrist is having difficulty coming to terms with the death of her grandmother Cookie. The woman was everything to her after her parents died in the plane crash over Lockerbie, Scotland. Little did Addy know that an old picture, tucked away in the family bible of Cookie with a handsome stranger would lead her to a discovery for which she is little prepared.

Ethan Taylor is an art historian. He’s lived with his Great Uncle Ben for a long time and would do anything for him. He never anticipated that Ben’s dying wish would introduce him to Ben’s biggest sacrifice.

Neither Addy nor Ethan are prepared for the lengths at which their families went through to keep Cookie and Ben apart. As they try to put the pieces together they uncover a decade’s old unsolved murder implicating Cookie and Ben. Will Addy and Ethan’s blossoming love be able to stand the strain of finding the truth? Will they be able to face the heart of the matter?

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