From the familiar creaks in the floorboards to your favorite easy chair, there’s no place like a warm, cozy home. Here in New Jersey it’s week five of the stay-in-place order. Warm and cozy has turned into a dampened energy level, lack of motivation and general going stir-crazy. Many of my friends are challenged with home schooling, unemployment, and no social contact with friends and family.

Before you take up permanent residence on your couch or start to sleep out of sheer boredom, there is good news. Check out this list of ideas to help you (and the whole family) beat cabin fever.


  1. Break out a good book. You had to know that would be my first suggestion. All joking aside, read an uplifting story. For suggestions and reviews, check out
  2. For Medieval Romance enthusiasts, you can read Chapter One from The Maxwell Ghost here.
  3. Start a new hobby. A few ideas include knitting, stained glass, Soduku (for those who have read my bio, you know where I keep my Soduku book) and fiction writing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a fan tell me that they have an idea for a story. NOW is the time to write it.
  4. Actually, stay-in-place creates a need to make a meal plan for the week (or weeks), create your shopping list, and place your order for pick up or delivery.
  5. Try a new recipe. I’ve included one for you in this newsletter.
  6. Start scrapbooking.
  7. Do a puzzle. It’s a little old-school, but still fun. There are some awesome available on Amazon.
  8. Pull out some old board games or a pack of cards. One of my favorite’s is scrabble. My husband and I play. However you can play Words with Friends online with those that cannot be with you.
  9. Engage in some pre-spring cleaning. You’ll have more time to enjoy the great outdoors once you can go out again.
  10. Rearrange your furniture. Sometimes a few moves is all it takes to make your place look new.
  11. Have a movie and popcorn night. Dig out an old favorite or stream or rent something new. You can also watch a with family and friends using Netflix Party
  12. Research your family history and create a family tree.
  13. Catch up on those shows you’ve been threatening to watch but never have time. Like Tiger King, or something more to your liking. I’m all caught on The Crown and Westworld. You can see where my head is.
  14. Go for a walk, even a 15-minute one. PLEASE, wear a mask or at least cover your mouth and nose.
  15. If you enjoy museums, you can take a virtual tour. The good news is you avoid the gift shop. Here are some links to places you may enjoy. Here is VersaillesPyramid of Giz, and Harry Potter’s Magical Train.
  16. Speaking of Harry Potter, here is a link to an online game for the whole family,
  17. Make sure you have enough healthy food to eat. Rest, you need it more than you think.
  18. Stay safe. Stay home, wash your hands. Turn off the news occasionally, temper it with good things.
  19. If you write. Sit at your desk and try to write even if it’s only a few sentences.
  20. I’ll leave this one for you to fill in. What do you do to cope?

Did I mention read a book…

Hugh -Sons of Sagamore
Pirates of Britannia Connected World

Hugh by Ruth A. Casie

Family secrets filled with intrigue, treachery, and a 30-year-old murder must be resolved or he’ll lose her forever.

Hugh Talbot is a self-made man who built his fortune one coin at a time. One of the wealthiest men in England, people vie to be his client. He is a loyal man who is instinctive and decisive by nature and bases his business on honesty and trust. An eligible bachelor sought after by every mother with a single daughter, he has no interest in a relationship, until he falls wholeheartedly in love with Charlotte.

Lady Charlotte Eden and her father recently from France have taken up residence at their long-neglected family estate in England. A methodical well-organized archery champion she is introduced to Hugh by a mutual friend. His support of her archery endears him to her, add his honesty and good humor and she is doomed. Theirs is not a budding romance. It is in full bloom.

When Hugh introduces Charlotte the daughter of Lord Miles Eden, the Earl of Sagamore to his family, a decades old scandal filled with intrigue, treachery, and murder comes to light. Hugh’s family is turned upside down when his father announces he is the true Earl of Sagamore who had denounced his title and legacy and that his uncle Lord Miles Eden, was killed in a duel three decades ago.

His world in shambles, Hugh’s loyalty to his family will be tested when he must decide if blood is thicker than water.

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Currently available for pre-order – Releases June 2nd

RUTH A. CASIE is a USA Today bestselling author of historical swashbuckling action-adventures and contemporary romance with enough action to keep you turning pages. Her stories feature strong women and the men who deserve them, endearing flaws and all. She lives in New Jersey with her hero, three empty bedrooms and a growing number of incomplete counted cross-stitch projects. Before she found her voice, she was a speech therapist (pun intended), client liaison for a corrugated manufacturer, and vice president at an international bank where she was a product/ marketing manager, but her favorite job is the one she’s doing now—writing romance. She hopes her stories become your favorite adventures. For more information, please visit me at one of my social media links.

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