Why Historicals?

Years ago I did a lot of international travel for business. I enjoyed them, but it’s my first trip overseas that is so clear in my mind. It was a two week trip to five European cities. I brought six novels, each one taking place in one of the cities I was visiting. I thought I would catch up on my reading—there never seemed to be enough time at home with three small children. I sat back in my seat, got as comfortable as I could and by the time I landed in Belgium I had finished one and a half books.

My days were filled with client calls with the local bank directors. There were the obligatory dinners with clients and local bank staff. The bank staff were great in getting me around the city to go on walking tours, sometimes in groups other times using the directions they provided. Each time I came face to face with history; the Grand Place in Brussels, the Place de la Concorde in Paris, and Hampton Court in England.

As I went on to the different cities I tried to hear the sounds, smell the aromas, and see the sights from a different perspective, a different time. At night I read stories by Julie GarwoodJude DeverauxJohanna Lindsey and Lynn Kurland. Each one enthralled me and made my next excursion feel like an adventure.

Historical stories mixed with chivalry and magic were the most compelling ones to me. I reveled in the romance of the middle ages and Renaissance with knights, princesses, their myths of druids, fairies, and fae tossed in for good measure. Time travel stories and the clashes of old world with modern world characters made me dream of an exciting life. It would be wonderful to meet a chivalrous knight.

I came home with so many ideas that when the opportunity arose I sat down and wrote what was in my head. The result were the stories of my heart.

The Druid Knight Series
by Ruth A. Casie, USA Today Bestselling Author

In ancient times, when druids and magic reigned supreme, one family rose among the others. Valor, courage, honesty, honor, and heart were their ingrained values. Destined for greatness, over the centuries this family rose above the others, but not without its own struggles.

This is the story of the druid Grand Master Lord Arik of Fayne Manor and his struggle to keep all he holds dear safe from the Dark Magic that wants to destroy it all. He and his knights can use all the magic they want but will find that the magic of the heart is the greatest magic of all.

“A thrilling and emotionally evocative tale filled with adventure, love and hope. Casie’s weaved an exciting medieval fantasy romance series that I can’t get enough of.” …Eliza Knight, USA Today bestselling author

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