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You might be wondering what I’m about. Sit back and let me tell you.

I’m happiest when I’m telling stories either chatting with a group of friends or writing them down. I love to put my hero and heroine in tough situations and dare them to work it out—together, always together. They haven’t disappointed me. Oh, they complain but in the end their love and relationships are stronger than ever.

I’ve been filling up my days and staying busy. While I keep tormenting my druid knight, I’m outlining a new series. The working title is the River of Time. It’s about an elite technology security officer, whose job is to eliminate time travelers, but he falls in love with a time traveling art appraiser and has to choose between his duty and his one chance for a timeless love. I love this story line because it lets me stretch my contemporary voice while working in historic time periods. I think this is the best of both worlds.

For most of you, my contemporary side will be a surprise. Here are five other things you probably don’t know about me.

  1. I filled up my passport in one year. I worked for a large financial institution, way before webinars and Skype. As a product manager I visited with clients and potential clients. All my clients were overseas. My sales support program took me to almost every European country (sorry not Liechtenstein) as well as a good many in Asia and South America. Have I got some great travel stories!
  2. I have three series plus I write for the Pirates of Britannia. The Druid Knights series is a historic time travel story. The Stelton Legacy is a historic fantasy about a curse on a family that can only be lifted by the seventh son of a seventh son and his brothers. My third series, Havenport Romances are contemporary stories that all take place in a small coastal town on the Rhode Island shore. I also write stories in the connected world of the Pirates of Britannia, created by Eliza Knight and Kathryn LeVeque.
  1. I did a rap to “How Many Trucks Can a Tow Truck Tow If a Tow Truck Could Tow Trucks.” I was a guest reader at my son’s first grade class (he’s out of college and on his own now). I rapped the book while my son was my boom box. We had a great time.
  1. When I cook I dance. Our kitchen isn’t large but ever since Paul (my DH) and took ballroom dance lessons I practice between the fridge, the stove, and the table. Caution, don’t twirl or dip while carrying dinner to the table. Ouch!
  2. My Sudoku book is in the bathroom. I’m not saying anything else about that.

The Guardian’s Witch

England, 1290

Lord Alex Stelton can’t resist a challenge, especially one with a prize like this: protect a castle on the Scottish border for a year, and it’s his. Desperate for land of his own, he’ll do anything to win the estate—even enter a proxy marriage to Lady Lisbeth Reynolds, the rumored witch who lives there.

Feared and scorned for her second sight, Lisbeth swore she’d never marry, but she is drawn to the handsome, confident Alex. She sees great love with him but fears what he would think of her gift and her visions of a traitor in their midst.

Despite his own vow never to fall in love, Alex can’t get the alluring Lisbeth out of his mind and is driven to protect her when attacks begin on the border. But as her visions of danger intensify, Lisbeth knows it is she who must protect him. Realizing they’ll secure their future only by facing the threat together, she must choose between keeping her magic a secret and losing the man she loves.

Praise for The Guardian’s Witch

“Ruth A. Casie has woven an extraordinary story of a brave knight, a beautiful heroine, a King, a mysterious crest, and [magical] visions. Oh mercy! What more do you need??? Absolutely nothing! Don’t miss this journey!!”  ~ L. Cook

“I was totally engrossed in this book from chapter 1.”  ~ S. Ficher

“A landless knight, a lordless land and a witch who protects both. Loved this story! This book effectively took me back in time to medieval Scotland. Can’t wait for more from this author.” ~ JM Rowe

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Dog or Cat? I prefer a dog to a cat.

Phone Call or Text? I’m definitely more phone than text although my kids are forever getting after me. I don’t carry my phone around everywhere.

Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone? Ice Cream! It’s my go to favorite. I LOVE Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream., unless we’re talking a la mode then vanilla is the thing.

While walking: Music or Podcasts? Music. I have an eclectic taste in music. I like to listen to almost everything.

Cake or Pie? Pie My favorite is apple pie. Crumb, deep dish, it doesn’t matter. With vanilla ice cream (see my ice answer above) and I’m in heaven.

High-tech or Low-tech? Low-tech My son is my high tech go-to person. It was easier when he was in college. He liked helping me, now that he’s well… I can’t tell you what he does. Mums the word.

Big Party or Small Gathering? Small Gatherings I prefer small intimate gatherings. It’s easier to remember peoples names.

What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes? Laundry Both these tasks are ‘worse,’ but laundry is the all time worse. I’m five feet tall and while the new washer is wonderful, it’s a top loader and I can’t reach the bottom of the basket. I need a stool. I brought my granddaughter’s step stool to the washer. That made her laugh so loud and so long.

Bath or Shower? Shower The bathtub is for soaking, reading and wine. I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep in the bathtub and worse of all, drown the book!

Hamburger or Taco? Hamburger I LOVE hamburgers with swiss cheese, tomato and lettuce. Sometimes I splurge and add a red onion.

Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store? Online Shopping I don’t like battling for what I want in the stores only to find they are out of stock. Online shopping is great for me.

Passenger or Driver? Driver I’ll drive, thank you very much. I definitely prefer to be in control.

Car or Truck? Car I’m a car kinda girl. I’ve had Jeeps, Blazers but now have a nice four door sedan I don’t have to struggle to step up to (I mentioned I’m five feet tall). I went for a sporty model and LOVE it.

Blue or Red? Red Definitely RED

At a movie: Candy or Popcorn? Popcorn Hmm. I eat popcorn at the movies, but the Swedish fish at the candy counter was tempting.

Pen or Pencil? Pencil I edit. My pencil is red.

Toilet paper: Over or Under? Over I just think it looks neater.

Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down? Right side up I have no idea why I prefer them right side up other than they are stackable. Besides, if you do your cups upside down why not the plates and the glasses?

Meat or Vegetables? Meat I really enjoy a good steak. Nothing fancy, no butter or sauce on it. Not smothered in anything. Just a nice rib eye steak.

International Vacation or a New TV? International Vacation Hands down an international vacation. When I worked for a large USA global bank, my product was in the international sector. I visited clients all the time. It was a wonderful job that affording me traveling around the world. Actually, it was those international flights where I got hooked on romance books. The flights were long and while I met a bank colleague in country, I had my evenings to myself. I read through dinner and after writing up my reports I’d read.

Working Alone or Working in a Team? In a team I’m a strong team player. I think there is strength in teamwork as well as a wealth of ideas and information.

Ninjas or Pirates? Pirates My new book is The Pirate’s Jewel. Need I say more!

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