This is the season for them. This is the time of year when Hollywood shows their true colors, fighting for the right dress, wearing the most diamonds, or just showing the most cleavage.

I was watching one show the other night, can’t remember which one, there are so many this time of year, and the amount of boobs that were flashing, they should have given out the nipple of the year award! There was one actress who bent over to shake hands with the fans and nearly flashed them all. Well, that may work for the People’s Choice Awards! But it won’t win her an oscar.

I sat back and listened to them as they thanked their friends, their managers, their fans, and …God. Like they can get away with all the partying, fornicating, cursing, smoking, drinking, as long as they thank God when they win an award. That clears it all. That, and flashing boobs and diamonds.

And the men. They get up there with the same suit they’ve worn every other year, flash them pretty white teeth, and go back to the table with the broad of the year. Now don’t get me wrong. There are those who are very nice to look at, I think are great role models, etc. Tom Hanks comes to mind. Or Mel Gibson – bless him for doing the Passion of the Christ movie. But then you get that…. scruffy, full of himself, Pittbull. I watched “Meet Joe Black” last night just to watch his sorry ass get hit by two cars. I wanted to rewind it over and over again just to watch it happen. Sadistic? Maybe. But I am so sick of him and big lips flashing their love like it’s some kind of magical thing that happened. Hello! You had an affair! And to have BL talk about how she could never sleep with a married man because her father cheated on her mother. Excuse me while I get a tissue………not! And then to go on saying she’d never get pregnant because that would be one less child that she could have adopted. Yeah, now THERE is an oscar winner! Make sure to flash the boobs, Angie, when you thank God for all you’ve done and where you are in your life. And your kids? I feel sorry for them.

I think we women who stayed home, raised our kids to learn right from wrong, loved our husbands, and were lucky enough to WASH our breasts, let along strap them up for the world to see – should get an award. So I thank my mother, my father, my cat for being my best friend when I was little, my bike for allowing me to ride it every day, my husband and kids for loving me, and all you readers who put up with my rantings.

Have a great weekend, all. Another award show on Monday……….watch out for the nipples!

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