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AZURE'S HEART-THE VOW Genre: Sweet Romance
Price: $2.99
Amazon Estimated Pages: 42
More than a year after becoming a loving couple, one phone call threatens Azure and Frank’s relationship on the eve of their Valentine’s Day wedding.

Frank clams up due to a health concern, keeps it secret, and distances himself from Azure. His bride-to-be deserves better than an ailing husband.

Azure feels the sting of Frank’s rejection. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t breakthrough his wall of silence. To her, his failure to communicate means one thing. He’s called off the wedding.

Will Cupid’s arrow strike a nerve? Or—will love conquer all in time for their Valentine’s Day vows?

“What’s wrong?” She stood beside him, now. He escorted her up the street. “I meant what I said. We can cancel our lunch date.”
“You would do that, wouldn’t you?”
“In a blink.” Azure stopped walking. Although disappointed, she wanted to be supportive. “I’ll have you all to myself starting tomorrow.”
“Your beautiful, brown eyes mirror your soul, Azure.” Frank shifted his feet. “I see straight to your affectionate heart.”
She tiptoed to place a tender kiss on his cheek. “You seem so preoccupied. Are you sure you don’t have to be somewhere?”
“Positive.” He adjusted the collar of her jacket.

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Mickie Sherwood

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