It’s not hard to tell it’s that time of year again.  Even though my own kids have grown up and don’t need those back to school supplies – I can’t say I don’t miss it because I do.  The headache of trying to find new clothes, the stress of getting that perfect pencil because, and I quote, “Mom EVERYONE has a pink pencil, not the yucky yellow ones” that my daughter would always say to me.  Oh, and geometry sets…….how I loved trying to get the one with everything kids need so you don’t have to go out and get extra.  Calculator?  No problem!!  Scientific one?  WHAT??????? 

Oh yeah, I was trying to say I missed it, wasn’t I????  In all honesty, once the kids get to a stage where they don’t need you to get things, it is a bit sad.  I was out at the store recently and saw a mother with three kids trying her hardest to get things for them, and one of her children had to be starting grade one.  Everytime the little boy would say something about first day of school, when he turned his head, she had a sad look on her face.  Letting the kids go is not always easy, though I’ve known people who couldn’t wait to throw them on a bus and be rid of them for the day.

If only we could do the same for spouses… know, when they get on your nerves and you want to press the mute button, but it doesn’t seem to work?  I wish I could do that sometimes when my husband starts to act like one of the kids and is unable to function without me.  I love him dearly, but God help us all if he’s sick, right?  We women function no matter what.  I can remember hobbling around the kitchen with crutches after spraining my ankle and still getting supper cooked and the laundry done.  We are tough!! 

Have a great day, all, and just remember that one day you may be blessed with peace in the home, but it may be more quiet than you like…..

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