Just a little bit about myself. I’m a forty-something writer who spent many years as a journalist and a teacher before switching to erotic fiction. I signed my first contract with Loose Id for the novel Tales of the Magician 1: The Captive One, which sprang out of my love for Ancient Egypt. I have several other novels out with Loose, six in total with a seventh due Dec. 4.

I’m extremely proud to be part of the start-up of Resplendence Publishing. My first short story with them, Nuit Aux Trois, came out in October. It’s a m/m/f paranormal menage which includes a few scary ghosts. I love writing ghost stories and we’ve talked about making it into a series, which I think will be great fun.

My second title with RP will be the novel Pirate Wench, which comes out Nov. 20. I can’t hardly wait for this story to come out. it started out as a short story and ended up as a category. It’s a lot of fun, and I know that you’ll love it.

In December, RP will release Siren’s Song, an anthology that contains my short story Iaha. Other writers in the anthology are Jade Buchanan and Midnyte Dupree. We have a Yahoo group together, along with Maura Anderson, where readers can hear about our titles firsthand and get a taste of our writing with monthly free reads. If you’re not a member, or if you’re just curious, you can check it out here:


And finally, I’m thrilled that I just signed a contract last week with Changeling Press for a story titled Garden of Stone which centers around a couple’s fight against a warlock who turns witches into statues in order to steal their powers.

That’s just a taste. During the next three days I’ll give you more detailed blurbs and excerpts on my work.

Thanks for blogging with Barron!


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