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Her flowery scent tickled his nose. For a moment their eyes met and he reveled in the smoldering gaze. He loved that glint in her eyes when she got angry. It flared with fiery heat, scorching his soul. Images of her naked beneath him turned up the burn. It irritated him how easily she managed to do it.

He’d dreamed about her all night.

It wasn’t the first time.

She’d haunted his dreams for years.

The day he’d first seen Kara, he’d been shocked and disbelieving. The beautiful angel began filling his dreams the summer of his sixteenth year. She rolled naked in a lavender patch, hid in the woods, or swam bare in the loch. Even then his body responded. Each dream ended the same—waking in a sweat with an erection to rival the gods.

He’d left Kara in the chamber that day and left the castle certain his death was imminent because his dream had come to life. Rumors were circulating about her appearance. He’d heard them. At present, she seemed to pose no threat. Best to sit back and see how things play out. See if she’d show the true meaning of why she was here.

Alaxandar grabbed Kara around the waist and pulled her body tight against his. “Who be ye, Kara Malone?”

She pushed against his chest. “I told you who I am.”

“I be a first-born MacLeod.”

“I’m happy for you,” Kara said dryly.

Alaxandar did his best to ignore her creamy cheeks turned crimson and flushed. He’d been so involved in war and protecting the clan over the last several years, he’d not taken much notice of women other than to ease his urges. While in her presence, it was all he could do not to strip off her clothes and sink deep into her soft body, slaking his lust. For many years, he’d done just that over and over in his dreams. He wanted to know if she tasted the way she did in his dreams. She needed to understand that he was in control.

His groin ached.

His lips met hers in a searing tease. His tongue caressed her lips until they parted then he entered the sweet cavern mingling her breath with his. Kara’s resistance lessened and she leaned into him. He grabbed her hair with one hand, tilting her head to more fully explore her mouth. She tasted sweet and tangy like the fruit she had eaten. Taking her face in his hands, he nipped the corners of her mouth before pulling back.

Kara slowly opened her eyes. Her hair lay across her shoulder where he’d released it. She stared at him. “Why did you do that?”

It felt as though he’d been kicked in the head by a horse. Confusion muddled his senses. He couldn’t speak. His hands fisted at his sides.

He had no answers so he stormed off, leaving Kara standing alone.


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Highland Stone (The Talisman Trilogy Book 1) by Sloan McBride

Cover - Highland Stone (The Talisman Trilogy Book 1) by Sloan McBride

Time Travel Highland Romance

A mysterious inheritance and magical forces thrust Kara Malone through the ages to the Scottish Highlands of old. There she encounters Alaxandar McLeod, the dark stranger who inhabits her dreams.

Alaxandar leads the charge to learn the truth about the violent raids against his clan. When his horse almost tramples a beautiful stranger, he is beguiled but skeptical. Is she a spy, or worse, a witch come to lure him with her body and distract him from his quest?

With his clan ever leery of Kara’s presence, and the raids intensifying, Alaxandar must decide what is right for his family and his heart. Will Kara choose to stay with the stranger from her dreams made flesh, or the mission she vowed to complete?



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