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Mac placed a hand on Keely’s shoulder and squeezed gently. She thought his fingers singed her like fire would.

She swallowed and somehow found her voice. “I know you’re eager to go.”

Mac’s eyes darkened. “What I’m eager to do is this.”

His head came toward hers. Keely’s heart thumped hard against her ribs.
Then his mouth covered hers.

Mac’s lips touched Keely’s, warm and firm. One arm went around her waist and drew her close while his hand cupped the back of her neck.

The kiss was like the man—deliberate and thorough.

Keely abandoned any idea of protest because from the moment the kiss began, it felt right. He took his time leisurely exploring her, deepening the kiss, pulling back, then searching further. A physical rush unlike any she’d ever experienced rippled through her, bringing the most delicious tingles that ran from her scalp all the way to her toes.

She moved closer to him, her breasts brushing against his chest as she locked her hands behind his neck. His fingers tightened on her neck and then traveled up, finding the coated rubber band and tugging it to release her hair. His fingers then pushed into her hair, sensually running through it, making it hard for her to breathe.

She couldn’t remember the last time a man ran his fingers through her hair. Or the last time she’d felt so raw and exposed from a kiss.

Keely went on the attack now, her tongue tangling with Mac’s. It was war, with both of them aiming for domination, yet they took turns taking the lead and falling back.

One kiss turned into a dozen. A hundred. It was hard to tell when one ended and the next began. She found herself going limp as her knees began to wobble. Mac’s arm tightened around her. Then he broke the kiss.

His lips hovered above hers as he said, “I thought I was ready to go.” He kissed her again, hard and swift, and then lifted his head. “Now I can. Go.”

“Do you have to?” she asked, surprising herself.

Mac nodded ruefully. “I think I should.”

“Do you always do what you should?”

“Usually.” He grinned. “There’s always tomorrow.”

Then he kissed her so softly, it was as if a feather brushed against her lips.

“I’ll see you in the morning.”


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Hollywood Double (Hollywood Name Game Book 4) by Alexa Aston

Cover - Hollywood Double (Hollywood Name Game Book 4) by Alexa Aston

Contemporary Romantic Suspense

She’s a Hollywood leading lady who’s never found love – except with Jax, her Basenji.

He’s divorced from a cheating wife and refuses to ever give his heart away again.

Together, their smoking-hot chemistry leads to movie magic . . . and murder . . .

Mac Randall’s life turns upside down when he walks in on his wife and her lover. He finishes his tour of duty overseas and leaves the army, becoming a popular stuntman in Hollywood. When the actor Mac doubles for is murdered, Mac is surprised to find himself cast as the film’s leading man—at the suggestion of the actress who will play opposite him.

Keely Kennedy has built a solid career in Hollywood, rising from supporting roles to leading lady, but she’s been unlucky in love. She becomes close friends with Mac Randall, her new co-star, while she helps him prepare for his first on-screen role. Friendship blossoms into love during their shoot and despite several mishaps on the set, she knows not only has she done the best work in her career on this film, but she believes Mac will become an instant star.

Before production is complete, though, the murderer surfaces—ready to kill the film—and its two stars.


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