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“This was fun, Quinn,” Theo said. “I needed a good night out… not that I, I mean… with good company, not just any night out. I can go to a movie for a night out, but by myself that’s boring, so I just…”

“You’re impossible,” I said, amused. “And you should stop talking right now.”

“Why? All I’m saying is…”

I took a step forward and kissed him. Just a little icebreaker kiss. Then a silent pause. I’d caught him off guard. There was a warm, tingly feeling on my lips, tension crackling between us. Theo put his hands on my waist and leaned in for another kiss. This one was less like an ice breaker and more like diving into the deep end of the pool. My hands moved along his chest, past his pounding heart, and then over his shoulders. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he tightened his around my waist.

“Six weeks,” he whispered.


“I’ve wanted to do that for six weeks.”

“Then shut up and do it again.”

Theo’s laugh echoed in his chest just before he did, indeed, kiss me again. This time slower, more intense, the kind that just melts your insides. He held me so tightly and with so much desire that I wished we’d gone inside. Maybe he did too because we’d wandered backwards until my back was against the door— which hadn’t latched closed.

The door swung open, and we both lost our balance. I tipped backwards, certain that I was about to get a concussion, when Theo smoothly caught the doorframe, without breaking us apart. Dipped back on his arm, not concussed, I looked into his eyes.

“Nice save, Miller.” My voice was low, breathy. “You’re very graceful for a goalie.”

“Are you seriously taunting the man who just saved your life?”

“Is this better?” I kissed him again as he pulled me back onto my feet. “We’re a mess.”

“A beautiful mess,” he said, resting his forehead on mine.

“Thank you for walking with me.”

With a sweet kiss on my nose, Theo unwrapped his arms, hopped down the steps, and stroll up the walkway. He stopped abruptly and turned around. My stomach flip-flopped. He’s coming back. Theo hopped back up the stairs and took me in his arms again—eye to eye, lips an inch away.

“Forgot my jacket,” he whispered. Theo reached around to pick it up off the railing. I leaned forward and kissed him one more time, sweet and gentle.

“You did that on purpose,” I said with a smile. He gave me that scandalous raised eyebrow and then let me go. And then he left for real.

I sat on the top step for a while, breathing deeply to slow my heart to a normal pace. I’ve been on dates, had boyfriends, and many first kisses. Theo could’ve been just another name on a list, but now, Theo was the list.

Why on earth did I let him go home?


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Under Renovation by Stephanie Haddad

Cover - Under Renovation by Stephanie Haddad

Romantic Comedy

Quinn Davis may have too many responsibilities on her plate, but she’s making it work. Mostly. After her parents died in a tragic accident seven years ago, Quinn stepped away from her own goals and dedicated herself to filling their shoes. She spends her days as the president of her father’s charity foundation, her evenings as a drama teacher, and the rest of her time as the family caretaker.When she meets Theo Miller, the widowed single father of a drama student, their instant attraction forces Quinn to look at how tragedy has shaped her life. Coping with his own grief, Theo opens his heart to Quinn. but can she let him into hers?


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