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Jack Faulkner passed the “Welcome to Horseshoe Crab Cove” sign and wondered if he’d made a mistake. Tired of the city, he’d volunteered to spend a few weeks, maybe longer, in the village. His job—to assess the development potential of a property in a prime location at the village’s southwest corner. Am I insane? he mused, thinking about all the work he’d left behind. I’ll go crazy trying to catch up. Is a few weeks in the country, even beautiful country like this, worth the aggravation?

He drove along Main Street eyes scanning the street for the Crab Café, where he was to meet the Lindsay Barnes, the realtor handling the Barnum property. Just as he spotted the café’s sign, he also spied two beautiful women heading into the restaurant, one slender, her companion full-figured. A heavy set guy, Jack preferred a woman with curves and this one was something! Maybe this won’t be so bad after all, he thought, parking in a lot at the end of the street.

As he entered the café he spied the two women waiting to order. Since no one had rushed up to greet him he decided to make some new friends. “Hi ladies,” he said, elbow resting on the counter as he leaned forward to address them both.

They turned as one. The slender one smiled, her blue eyes warm. “Hello.” Her raven haired companion just stared at him with the most beautiful violet eyes he’d ever seen.

“I don’t suppose either of you know Lindsay Barnes? I’m supposed to meet her here.”

The slender woman cocked her head. “End of the counter, chatting with the waitress. You must be new in town. I’m Lucy Morgan and this is my friend Lolly Rogers.”

He grinned, extending his hand. “Jack Faulkner.” They both shook his hand, but the electricity switched on when he and Ms. Rogers touched. Hmm…

At that moment a petite blonde in a red business suit, crisp white blouse and five inch heels stepped between Jack and the two women. “Mr. Faulkner?”

He nodded.

“Lindsay Barnes. Welcome to Horseshoe Crab Cove.”

“Hello. Thanks for meeting me Ms. Barnes,” he said, extending his hand. Even with her heels, he towered over her. Early forties, he guessed. Her pixie haircut suited her, the gobs of make-up not so much. “These kind ladies had just pointed you out.”

“Hey gals,” she said, giving Lucy and Lolly a quick glance before returning her green eyes to the handsome newcomer. “I see you’ve met our booksellers, two of the town’s most successful business women.”

Lolly guffawed. “Hardly.”

Jack turned to her. “Oh? Where’s your bookshop. I’d like to stop in and grab some reading material for my visit.” The woman has the most amazing eyes. Liz Taylor had nothing on Lolly Rogers.


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Lolly’s Wish (Morgan’s Fire Book 5) by M. Lee Prescott

Cover - Lolly's Wish by M. Lee Prescott

Contemporary Romance

Heart shattered, Lolly Rogers vows she’ll never love again. She’s got her work, as partner in Merlin’s Closet, a successful children’s book catalogue, and her daughter Maisie. She does not, I repeat, does not need a man. Besides, even if she wanted a man, where would she find one in tiny little Horseshoe Crab Cove? Then blue eyed, hunky Jack Faulkner — with a body that fits hers to perfection — drives into town and she’s lost, gonzo. Fallen like a ton of bricks!

Jack has finally extracted himself from a tortuous relationship so the last thing on his mind is love. Then he spies two women walking down Main Street, one a raven haired beauty with intense violet eyes and the most luscious body on the planet, and he wonders if he might want to rethink the love thing, or at least the lust thing!

Pick up your copy of Lolly’s Wish and join all your favorite the Morgan’s Fire characters as Lolly and Jack’s white hot love affair unfolds in book #5 of this popular contemporary romance series.


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