It was of little surprise to discover during my recent trip to London that there are very few beaches along the Thames river in the central part of London.

At the part of the river just below Shakespeare’s rebuilt Globe Theatre a few hundred yards of rocky beach exist at low tide. St Paul’s Cathedral rises in the distance at the top of Ludgate Hill.

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Considering London has been a city since before the time of the Romans, the avid beachcomber (or jetlagged tourist) is likely to make some interesting finds.
Pieces of broken pottery, clay smoke pipes and the obligatory old shoe were some of the things we discovered.

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Back at our apartment that night I arranged the pieces we had found (and yes I did return the pieces to the beach the next day in the spirit of all good global travellers).
Blue and white glazed pieces of pottery littered the beach at various places. Pieces of cheap clay pipes were everywhere from the waterline to the stone walls. Clay smoking pipes were so cheap in years gone by that you simply threw the broken one away and bought another.

We were unable to decide what the hook was for, it looks like it may have belonged to a length of chain from a boat at some point.

It was a very fruitful half hour or so on the beach looking for interesting finds before we headed off for lunch at a nearby pub, and only served to remind me that as a Regency writer I am only dealing with a small part of the long and magnificent history of London.

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The Illegitimate Son… The eldest son of the Duke of Strathmore, David Radley has been raised alongside his father’s legitimate children. But while he is generally received as part of the family, not everyone thinks he should be, and especially not Clarice’s father, the Earl of Langham, who forbids her from having anything to do with him.

An Unsuitable Match…David’s been in love with Clarice for years, and it isn’t long before the attraction between them develops into something deeper. Yet he senses Clarice is hiding something and until she reveals her secret, she won’t be free to follow her heart. Despite everything, David will not give up on Clarice, not even when another seems set to claim her…

Here is the trailer to An Unsuitable Match. I hope you enjoy it.

An Unsuitable Match

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