I love William Shatner too – his ‘mad cow’ character on Boston Legal makes me laugh so hard!  And I think TV has gone down hill from the old days when it was all about the acting and the characters and not so much on the effects that makes a show an hour instead of 30 minutes.  Ever notice in high profile movies – they have 20 minute car chases and sometimes fights that never end.  I mean, come on- we KNOW the good guy is going to win – don’t torture us.

I understand your writing erotic.  I like sex myself.  Problem is, my husband stopped liking it long ago.  Remember the woman from “Fried Green Tomatoes”?  Played by Kathy Bates.  That’s me.  TAWANDA!!!!!!!!  I’m going to say that one day after running into some jerk who took my parking spot.  Yup.

Okay, I’m rambling.  This week is about YOU.  I’d love to read some excerpts and/or reviews of your work.  Don’t wait for me to ask – feel free to jump right in and share whatever.  The readers love to see something new and there are lots out there just dying to get a new book to read. So share, share share!

*hides book in purse for Sunday*.  Hey- some things we don’t grow out of!  Have a good one.

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