Shannon Stacey learned at an early age of five she loved to write. She has a fixation for pens, absolutely loves football and swoons for egotistical, domineering Alpha heroes. On May 15, 1993, she happily married her Prince Charming. She and hubby are extremely proud to be parents of a future Nobel Prize for Science-winning bookworm and an adrenaline junkie with a flair for drama. Within their lovely home, she has two cats that refuse to curl up on her lap while she pens her stories. If you visit her website you can learn ten things that you may or may not know about this wonderful author.

Oh my goodness, this book was a grabber the minute after I read the first page. Not only is the dialogue to die for, but I instantly warmed up to the characters. Adam is a wonderful hero and the way he jumps in to help Rebecca is so gallant. The couple matches well together. The secondary cast, especially with the Bible ladies, has some interesting moments. There were some interactions that really made this an extraordinary read. Shannon Stacey brilliantly spins a captivating book of believable players that this reader enjoyed. Gardiner was like home to me, and the intrigue that spins with Rebecca and Adam, not to mention worrying about Lucas on her trail, was awesome.

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