I have been doing some thinking since my last post. I forgot to mention a few more things that are really great about Coffee Time Romance.

Flexibility- That is just one more thing I love. If there is a type of genre that you do not care for, they will do their best that you do not get that.

Helpful- If an emergency comes up, they are right there to support you. They work with you to make sure you get your reviews/interviews on time.

Nagging- Yes they do nag. But they want the best work possible. I do not see it as a bad thing. I love it actually because it means they are making sure that everything gets done. It is rare that it happens but it just helps me keep me on my toes. It makes me want to keep on my toes so that nagging does not happen.

Book fairy- I love our book fairy Brenda. She is such a sweetie. If you need to change how many e-books you get or if you find one offenseive, she will make sure that it is taken care of. That woman works hard and I appreciate everything she does. Her jobs takes a lot of hours and I applaud her for her work.

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