Maureen Child is a USA Today best-selling author as well as a five time nominee for the RITA award from the Romance Writers of America. She has more than ninety novels and novellas that she has authored. When her children were small,  Maureen began writing as a way to not only maintain her sanity, but as a way to  stay home with them . I , for one, am extremely glad she did. Her previous book in the Queen of the Otherworld series, Bedeviled, also won a CTRR award. When she is not writing, you can find her under her “thinking tree” in Southern California coming up with ideas for new books.

The journey with Maggie was exciting and full of adventure, one I would gladly take again. The cast of characters in this book are so colorful. From Nora and Eileen to the Fae of the Otherworld, each character brings a special element that is their own to this entire story. Culhane sees the strength in Maggie and admires it, even when she is fighting for something he does not believe in. To me, this makes him the perfect hero. Maggie is not a damsel in distress. She is a strong and independent young woman who is more than ready to be Queen. This is the epitome of a heroine. Having never read a book by Ms. Child before Beguiled, I will say she has made me a fan for life.

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