Growing up in a small town where cows and tractors were a dominant part of the community, Ms. Dyken, desperately wished to be a princess. Even though while playing with her sister; she ended up playing either the evil stepmother or the prince. Being a dreamer and thinker, she thought in college that she would change the world one child at a time via counseling while earning her MBA degree but always felt she was not doing what she was passionate about. Then one day after a sad-counseling session with few young girls, she came home, started writing and has been since. After being a prince, a toad, a monster, the evil stepmother, and sometimes the slave girl waiting to be rescued, she is now an author.

A middle child in a family of seven children, Ms. Sanders has a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Southeastern University and a master’s degree in educational technology from Boise State University. Living in Idaho with her husband and three children (no pets), she has been teaching English for 15 years, mostly in high school. She always loved to write but it took the encouragement of her friend, to get her to write something to be published.

After reviewing Waltzing with the Wallflower, I was waiting very impatiently for this sequel. Having high expectations after the first book, I dived into this as soon as I received it. Let me say, Ms. Van Dyken and Ms. Sanders have not failed me. This book is as good as the first and in some instances better. Readers will see a reformed rake in ways such as never before–a bumbling fool and a blue-stocking who, for once, is actually NOT impressed by the rake. Their conversations are delightful and do not forget the secondary characters. Love them. They provide the right amount of support, without taking the spotlight away. The unlikely fear from a fruit, the accidents and bumbling proposals are highly entertaining. It also has some serious moments, and the final proposal has me in tears, just like Lady Bridget. This would be a delightful addition to readers’ libraries. Do not take my word for it. Go ahead. Try it firsthand. As for me, I am starting to count down the days, in anticipation for the next book.


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