No I don’t gamble, well not really. Unless you consider using toothpicks as gambling. Anyway, this is my pick for the book brew subject today. When I think of Fun in the Sun, typically I would think of a book that has to do with beaches, swimming, etc. However, this was the first book that came to mind and I will tell you why.

Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie is this zany and quirky novel full of so much fun events that you find yourself laughing hysterically. The sun part is when the two main characters go on their first meet, not date, because neither is looking for a relationship. It just happens to be at a park during a picnic and of course fun and romance fill the air.

The one thing I love most about this book is the heroine and yes the hero too. While he is this debonair, suave, and sometimes roguish man; she is this tough-as-nails, non-skinny, hair pulled back, woman who has had enough of cocky men. You take this man who has women panting after him and pit him against a woman who considers love to much of a risk. It is a definite read for everyone!

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