But, I’m always glad to hear that authors have normal hobbies like me.  I try not to kill the plants in my garden.  Right now, the weeds are winning.   I believe our seasons are flipped, I’m just heading into Fall while you’re hitting Spring. 

It’s hard for women to see their own worth when they’r told from girlhood not to be too pushy because to do so seems unfeminine, or risk being called a b*tch.  Be the best b*tch you can, is how I feel about that. 

Authors take a kernel of an idea and create living breathing characters. They draw readers into their world for the space of a book, or series.  That to me, is magic.

I’m so glad to hear about your new release, your hubby and editor are lucky to get those sneak previews!  Thanks so much for joining us, Caitlyn! Don’t be a stranger!


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