How could he leave her? How could he stay?

Deidre had become a medieval history professor because of a family heirloom — a medieval drawing of a farmer that she’d loved since childhood. Too bad she couldn’t have married him instead of the lying, vicious cheat who had almost ruined her life. Despite the fact that he’d cost her her job, her home, and her relationship with her family, he had failed to destroy her. With a new life in a new city, she’d moved forward. She didn’t need anyone, especially another man. But it was impossible to ignore her new neighbor, a gorgeous giant with a strange accent, haunted eyes, and a striking resemblance to her medieval farmer.

She wanted to erase the tormented look in his eyes, to make him as happy as he made her. She wished he would confide in her. But was she ready to confide in him? To explain how she’d lost everything – her life, her family, her self-respect – because of her own poor choices?

Lachlann had lost his entire family to the plague. He’d lost himself by falling through time. He had to go back, to return to the fourteenth century and try to save his family, save his son. But how could he leave Deidre? He needed her like he needed air. And she needed him.

Would she believe him if he told her the truth about himself? Would she reject him once she knew he couldn’t stay?

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