Hi All….Sorry I’m late.  I have never done this before and I spent a good hour trying to figure stuff out.  My browser wasn’t showing everything and I had no idea what I was looking for anyway….<sigh>

Anyway let’s get started.

Hi, I’m Sloan McBride, a teller of tales, a weaver of stories, and a dreamer who hopes to delight you with my wit today. No guarantees, but I’ll do my best. I write paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and time travel…..so far. Been writing all my life, but it wasn’t until ten years ago when I started writing adult novels for publication. I’ve sold my first three books in the last two years and they are all close to my heart. I’ll be here in the morning, but the afternoon and evening, I’ll be popping in and out as I have “life interruptus” duties. I will be giving away three gifts, so please visit often and ask me questions or just interact. I’m happy to be here.


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