BLOOD SISTERS is a visceral and compelling new thriller featuring a Cherokee archeologist for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, who spends her days in Rhode Island trying to protect the land’s Indigenous past, even as she’s escaping her own. While Syd is dedicated to her job, she’s haunted by a night of violence she barely escaped in her Oklahoma hometown fifteen years ago. Even though she swore she’d never go back, she’s called back to Oklahoma when a skull is found near the crime scene of her youth. And her sister, Emma Lou, has vanished.

Syd knows she must return home. She refuses to let her sister’s disappearance, or the remains, go ignored—as often happens in cases of missing Native women.

But not everyone is glad to have Syd home, and she can feel the crosshairs on her back. The deeper Syd digs, the more she uncovers about a string of missing Indigenous women cases going back decades. To save her sister, she must expose a darkness in the town that no one wants to face—not even Syd.

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About the Author

Vanessa Lillie is an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, and at its heart BLOOD SISTERS is a story of missing girls and women. When Lillie was a senior year of high school, two local Oklahoma girls went missing and for more than twenty years, she has watched the family search. While the crime in the opening pages and at the center of this novel is not the same as what happened to those girls, Lillie says “my emotions, my observations, and my own anger, is within these pages. These feelings are also connected to the larger conversation about the high rate of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two Spirit.”

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